Private L.W. Johnson

Taken from the Bromley & District Times, 25th December, 1917 (pg 3)

I thought you might like to have a few lines from one of the Bromley boys, so have written a few lines about this country. I have travelled a good deal in India during the time I have been here, but I must say that so far, I have never come across a place like any part of England. The first station I went to was Jubbulpore, and I must say that, so far, it is the finest. The scenery was beautiful, and at night the scent from the trees and flowers was lovely; and then to see the fireflies dodging in and out of the trees makes a sight once seen never forgotten. I saw here several Bromley lad whom I had not seen for nearly three years. You can just imagine the re-union it was.

I am sorry to say that my time at Jubbulpore was limited, as, the weather getting warmer, they thought it best for some of us to go to the hills. As it happened, I was one to go. We did a thousand miles by rail and road. The last fifty miles, by the way, had to be marched. We went through some of the largest stations, and passed some of the beautiful temples which this country is noted for. We had three rest stations in our march. We were roughly 90 miles from the Tibet frontier, and we could see the Himalaya Mountains, covered always in snow – a beautiful sight, both at sunrise and sunset.

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