Part-Exchange Furniture in the 1940s

One of the ‘Perrings’ Furniture Store was located on the High Street in Sidcup.

Perrings was a small family firm, run by two brother, John and William  Perring, who had broken away from their fathers shop just off Euston Road, London in 1893.  Both in their early twenties, the brother set up independently, dividing their territories to the north (William) and the south (John) of London.  They steadily opened up new shops, with wartime breaks, until by 1966 they both owned 20 stores each.

Their business started primarily with bedding, since a bed was the main piece of furniture that an ordinary family would need, and over time other furniture started to be produced in quantity.  It was in 1966 that the two sides of the family officially joined forces and became one of the largest family controlled furnishing businesses in the country.

This advert appeared in the Bromley & District Times newspaper, offering Perrings customers the chance to ‘part-exchange’ their old furniture.

Perrings Advertisement 1940

Interesting Conversation give away Vital Furnishing Secret

“Well, how do you like out home, now we’ve refurbished?”

“I think it’s lovely.  But it must have cost you an awful lot,”

“It didn’t though.  You see we went to Perrings and their prices are remarkably low.  Besides, they took all our old furniture in part exchange and that made a big difference.”

YOUR OLD FURNITURE CAN BE TAKEN I PART EXCHANGE — the modern way to better furnishings. LEt Perrings quote you their generous allowance price.


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