Adding comfort to your Air Raid Shelter

Air raid shelters were not the most lavish place to have to spend your time. Primarily located in the garden, they were often dark, damp and cold, so shops jumped at the chance of providing a bit of comfort to their customers.

This advert for Jones & Higgins Ltd in Peckham appeared in the Bromley & District Times on the 1st November 1940, at the height of the London Blitz.

Shelter Comforts at Keen Prices

Here are three items which will add greatly to your comfort in the air-raid shelter at very little cost.  We invite your inspection and earnestly point out the advantages of shopping early.  Air raid shelters are provided for customers and staff.

  • Folding Shelter Bunk
    Strongly made and will fold into three separate parts when not in use, the support mattress being easily detachable in a few seconds.
  • Folding Shelter Bed
    As illustrated
  • Shelter Cushion Set
    As illustrated
  • Serviceable Shelter Suit
    In warm Velor Cloth, cut on ample lines with zip front , button back and sides


Interestingly, the store also offers their customers free garage facilities at their private garage in Hanover Park, to park their cars.

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