Orpington Passes their £100,000 War Weapons Week aim

Great Enthusiasm in town and villages

Crowds watch mile-long parade of military and civil bodies

Orpington District War Weapons Week, which was inaugurated on Saturday, and will be closed tomorrow (Saturday) evening has exceeded all expectations.

The total amount invested up to Wednesday evening in Savings certificates, bonds, stamps, and deposits in the Post Office Savings Bank was £104,000

The aim of the organisers was to raise £100,000.  Residents in the villages and in Central Orpington have showed their patriotism by the magnificent response.  Village post-offices received amounts ranging from £600 to over £1,400 in one day.

An outstanding feature of the Week was the military parade on Saturday afternoon.  It was over a mile long, and comprised regular soldiers, Home Guards, members of the Civil Defence services, and other organisations engaged in war-time work.


Bromley & Kentish Times, 28th March 1941

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