Letters from the Front

Below are some extracts from letters sent to the Bromley & District Times by various soldiers fighting on the front line during World War 1.

They give a fascinating and moving insight into their daily lives and their thoughts of about the war.


Article from the Bromley & District Times newspaper featuring the Earl of Woolton, 1941

Complaints about Food Waste, 1941

Looks like complaints about food waste is not a new phenomenon.  Although it seems comical now, this complaint printed in the Bromley & District newspaper ...
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To the Editor Sir,- I should much like to express through the medium of your paper, our deep appreciation of the great work being done ...
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Tea-Time Gossip

As written in the Bromley & District News on 27th September, 1940 (page 2) Under the Bed A near-by A.A. gun of terrific calibre has ...
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A Trench View of Air Raids & Reprisals

20th July 1917, page 5 A TRENCH VIEW OF AIR RAIDS AND REPRISALS Sergeant J Gutteridge, of Bromley, was never a pessimist, as our readers ...
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I came to think of him as a ‘friend’ – Letters of Gutteridge

From the beginning of 1917, letters from John Gutteridge rarely appear in the paper. Whether this was because there were more pressing matters report such ...
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The boys did justice to the food provided by the Colonel

26th January 1918, page 2 STILL CHEERY AND BRIGHT Sergeant Gutteridge, of the West Kents, writes home another of his cheerful letters , in which ...
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