New Hitler Proclamation!

This article is not what you think.  It appeared in the Bromley & Kentish Times newspaper in March 1941


News comes from Germany that Hitler is about to proclaim himself King of England. If this claim is to be accepted seriously, some apology is due to unfortunates who have been from time to time proclaimed themselves Henry the Eighth, Nero – or a Poached Egg – and have been placed under restraint when their tendencies have been towards violence.

The Hitler clique will “Heil” the proclamation with enthusiasm. Hitler should remember, however, that though the wish may be father to the thought, there is nothing farther from British thoughts, and we cling tenaciously to the things we believe in. Foreigners may call it stubbornness – but actually it is “knowing a good thing and sticking to it.”  This is seen in even such small matters as the choice of our smokers.

When war heralded the need for economy, thousands joined the great numbers all over the country who rolled their own cigarettes in A.G. papers. Economy was only one of the advantages gained. By using this unique paper they get the finer flavour of their tobacco, and long-lasting, cooler smokes the never before experienced. They are enjoying cigarettes better than ever before, and it is no uncommon sight to see in the City or cinema, train or tram, a man pull out his pouch and his packet of A.G. and roll a cigarette.

There is something very special in the way A.G. is made that gives it these qualities. And will these new thousands of A.G. rollers change from A.G.? Not likely. They have found a good thing and are sticking to it.

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