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The Ministry of Information (MOI), was a central government department created briefly at the end of the first world war, and again on the 4th September 1939, the day after Britain’s declaration of war, with the first Minister sworn into Office on 5 September 1939.

The Ministry’s function was “To promote the national case to the public at home and abroad in time of war” by issuing “National Propaganda” and controlling news and information

Initially it was responsible for censorship, issuing official news, home publicity and overseas publicity in Allied and neutral countries.

The Ministry of Information published a number of adverts in local newspapers to help educate members of the public about the dangers posed by war as well as the rules and regulations expected.

This example from a local newspaper describes the expectations of the public should they find bombs, mines or bits of aircraft.

What do I do…

if i find bombs, mines or bits of aircraft?

I DO NOT TOUCH THEM, but report them immediately to the police.

I remember that lives have been lost through tampering with objects which contain explosives.

I remember too that even things which may not be explosive often provide the authorities with information which may be very important.

Cut this out – and keep it!

Issued by The Ministry of Information
Space presented to the Nation by the Brewer’s Society

Bromley & Kentish Times,March 1941
National Archives

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