Men Wanted Now

Men use wheelbarrows to clear the rubble from one of the streets bombed during the Blitz in 1940.

The devastation left by the air raids on, and around, London was immense and people were needed to help with the clear up.  This advert appeared in the Bromley District Times newspaper on the 18th October 1940 advertising for those who were ‘able-bodied’ and ‘temporarily out-of-work’ to enrol for the job.


London air raid debris Clearance Scheme

Men Wanted Now

Jobs for able-bodied men temporarily out-of-work

Enrol now at your local Employment Exchange

If you are now unemployed and live in the London area, you are invited to enrol immediately – in that you may be available when called in – for temporary work of national importance.  Air Raid Damage Clearance. Debris ___ be cleared from roads and demolition sites – property and raw materials must be salvaged: The opportunity is open to men already registered as unemployed and particularly to those temporarily out-of-work through air raids.  Acceptance of this work will not delay you in getting a permanent job.  No previous experience is necessary – all able-bodied men of good character desiring this work should enrol on the Labour Reserve at their local Employment Exchange NOW!


Issued by the Ministry of Labour & National Service

Groups of men working together to clear the debris from around this shattered bus


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