Who was Lord Woolton?

Portrait of the Earl of Woolton

Frederick James Marquis, was an English Businessman and politician, born and raised in Lancashire. 

During World War two Woolton was one of a number of businessmen (including Sir Andrew DuncanLord LeathersOliver Lyttelton, and P. J. Grigg) who became became non-party ministers, brought into government to help with the war effort.   

In April 1940, Woolton was appointed Minister of Food, and established the rationing system, generally regarded as a success.

He maintained food imports from America, kept prices down and organised a programme of free school meals.

At the beginning of the war, Woolton was largely unknown outside of Whitehall, and his home town of Liverpool, but was brought to the nation’s attention through a number of radio broadcasts in which he reassured his listeners that everything was under control and he celebrated the British housewife’s ability to cope. 

With a shortage of meat, fish and dairy products, his recommended dish was a vegetarian dish that he bequeathed his name to, Woolton Pie. It was first created by the Maitre Chef de Cuisine, Francis Latry at the Savoy Hotel in London, and was designed to maximize the use of vegetables and leftovers.

Portrait of the Earl of Woolton
Frederick James Marquis, Earl of Woolton
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