Lance Corporal Ernest A. Palin

Family Memories of a war hero

After the war Ernest returned to his family and he went to work on the chicken farm at Biggins Hill delivering eggs. He then went to Southlands coaches in Bromley as a coach driver. His youngest son was born in 1947.

He stayed at Southlands for a number of years. When the firm closed he went to work for the MOD as a security guard at a weapons testing centre at Pole Hill.

Once he left here he formed his own business called ‘Palins School of Motoring’ which was a very successful business and well respected which he continued to run till he retired. Once he was retired him and his wife Gladys moved from their home in Newbury Road, Bromley, which was their home prior the the war, to Hoo Marina in Rochester where they retired.

He passed away 30th June 1980, which was his birthday, of a heart attack.

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His story

Information and images supplied by Lou Kelly

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