Is this the Ideal Summer Beverage?

Cyder - the Ideal Summer beverage

Would an advert like this, as featured in the Bromley & District Times in July 1918, made you go out and buy Cyder to quench your thirst on these warm summer days?

Cyder - the Ideal Summer beverage

According to Minchew’s Real Cyder & Perry, there is a difference between Cider and Cyder.

  • Cyder is rarely made on a commercial scale, whereas Cider is.
  • Cyder is made from a single pressing of vintage fruit, rather like “extra virgin” olive oil.
  • Cider, the drink almost given to agricultural labourers well into living memory, was made from the cyder pulp being re-pressed at the rate of 10 gallons of water to 1 cwt of pulp. This “long drink” was conspicuously different, not only in its alcoholic value, but also its taste. This type of cider could never mature in cask or bottle and was meant for general consumption, at a time when water was not always safe to drink.
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