I was very lucky

29th October, 1915 p2

Another letter from Lance-Corporal John Gutteridge, this time to Mr Will Howard his former employer. Much of the letter repeats information about the Battle of Loos.

Shells-Gas-Bullets-All-Around_29th_October_1915_Gutteridge-2“…They (the Germans) cannot look cold steel in the face for love or money; show them cold steel and they will run for miles.

After our charge we came back, bringing the wounded on our arms, smoking as we walked back, as we had not a run left in us. They shelled us all the way back with their long range guns, but it was a pretty sight to see all the troops advancing on the open country and the Germans retiring, although very painful to see all your pals fall, some gassed, some killed, and some wounded.

I was very lucky.  I had to charge with a sack-full of bombs thrown over my shoulder, and a rifle and bayonet, but could not use the bombs as the bayonet suited the purpose better.

A very busy time here this afternoon, watching air fights (with our fellows top dogs) and a very heavy bombardment”

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