House of Perrings

House of Perrings famiiy store

This featured appeared in the Bromley & District Times in 1941, giving a lovely introduction to the family firm Perring. A furniture company based on value and honesty.

It was in 1892 that a new name came to the furniture trade of London when William Perring, a young man from the West Country, opened a small shop in Paddington.

There was an ideal behind this venture – an ideal of service and value.  It was an ideal which found a ready response.  To-day you will find the name of Perring in no less than fifteen busy centres of London and the Home Counties.

There is a reason for this rapid, steady growth of a name.  From the start William Perring decided that his name should stand for good honest value and fair treatment and this policy is completely carried out today.  The House of Perring is still the House of Perring, direction and control being still exercised exclusively by members of the Perring family.

In war as in peace, the guiding rule of the Perring policy is still the same as it was in that little shop at Paddington – good honest value and really fair treatment for every customer.

Wlm. Perring & Co. Ltd

21 & 21a, Bromley Road, Catford, S.E.6


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An article from the Design Journal 1967, gives further details on the company inthe 1960s

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House of Perrings famiiy store

Bromley & District Times, April 1941

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