Flooded Dug-outs

Soldiers - Military Ancestors

14th November 1915

We all have got quite used to the hardships

Lance-Corporal Gutteridge, 8th West Kents, writing in November 1915 says:

FLooded-Dugouts_Gutteridge_14th-Nov-1915.png“Our regiment has been very busy. We left the rest camp on Tuesday, the 9th of November, and expect to be relieved on the 18th of November, so we will have had a pretty good time, especially when I way the weather has been against us.

We have been flooded our of our dug-outs, but it makes no difference to our spirits. We all have got quite used to the hardships by now. Things had been quite quiet here lately, chiefly artillery fights.

We shall have trouble with our transport now the winter is upon us, especially if there is sea fogs about. Our transport is our mainstay; without them we should starve, and the have to be very careful, as the Germans always welcome them with a few shells”

Printed in the Bromley & District Times, 1915

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