Coincidence of the timely message carved on Pumpkin

Famous K.C. And Pumpkin Coincidence

Both Broadcast Same Message

The unusual hobby of Mr. Sheridan Wood, of The Mount, Farningham, of growing giant pumpkins, upon which he inscribes timely messages, has had an interesting sequel this year.

On Sunday evening some few months ago, Mr Norman Birkett, K.C., concluded a broadcast appeal on behalf of the Lord Mayor of London’s fund for Londoners whose homes had been destroyed by bombs with the following words:-

“I shall pass through this world but once.  Any good thing, therefore, that I can do, or any kindness I can show to any human being, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again.”

A few days after the broadcast he received the following letter from Mr. Wood: “Listening to your Sunday broadcast on behalf of the Lord Mayor’s fund for those losing their homes, owing to air raids, your last sentence appealed to me; and moreover in August last I had written similar words to those you spoke on a growing pumpkin, which now weighs 32 lbs.  It has occurred to me that, displayed in a London fruit shop, with a reference to your appeal, it would most likely bring in a lot of donations.

“I would willingly deliver the pumpkin to a London address, and in the meantime I am pleased to enclose my cheque for £2, 2s”

Norman Birkett’s Letter

Mr Beckett’s reply from his home at Chalfort St Giles was as follows: “Thank you very much for your kind letter, and your cheque for £2 2s, which I have handed to the Lord Mayor.  I have also sent him  your letter, to see if anything can be done about your kind offer of the pumpkin, and I hope you will hear something about it.”

Unfortunately the Lord Mayor has been unable to take any steps in the matter before the pumpkin, having  already made its appearance at two local harvest festivals, has begun to give evidence of having attained a ripe old age.

“Fruity” verses

Mr Woods pastime of writing inscriptions on pumpkins is one he has engaged in for several years.  This year he grew another giant pumpkin and sent it to his friend, Mr Edward Blundell, of Halstead,  It bore the following inscription: –

“Eddie Blundell is my name,
England is my nation,
Halstead is my dwelling place,
Christ is my salvation.
A fine sportsman, and a hard rider to the West Kent Foxhounds for the last 60 years.”

“Mr Blundell was surprised and delighted to receive my unexpected gift” Mr Wood told ta Kentish Times reporter.

Bromley & Kentish Times, March 1941

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