Aircraft Project – Week 7

Selection of British Aircraft scale models

Selection of British Aircraft

Selection of British Aircraft scale models
Top Left – Clockwise: DH 4; AVRO 504; Vickers FB 5; Sopwith Triplane; Bristol Scout and DH 2.
Centre = Martinsyde Elephant

The Royal Flying Corps

The RFC was the direct ancestor of the RAF. The term “flying corp” reflected the use that was made of aviation this moment of pioneers, a simple emanation of the army, devoted to observation. Unlike France, Britain had no active squadrons or aeronautical industry in 1914. Britain’s aircraft came, like most countries, from French productions. The British cockade was itself directly inspired by the French cockade, following misunderstandings and friendly shots due to the symbol of St. George cross drawn from the union Jack affixed to the first aircraft, confused with the German cross. But this industrial dependence, Britain began to get rid of it rapidly, and reached very high industrial standards in 1918.

At the outbreak of the war powered aircraft flight was just over a decade old, and its exploitation for military purposes around 5 years old. In 1914, the British air services had just 272 machines, but by October 1918 the newly formed RAF could call on 22,000 aircraft. Production rose from 50 per month in first year of the war to 2,700 per month by 1918.

British WW1 Aircraft Manufacturers

AD (later Supermarine)
Armstrong Whitworth
Boulton & Paul
Handley Page
Norman Thompson
Royal Aircraft Factory
White and Thompson

Note – The Royal Aircraft Factory was based at Farnborough. It was a design and aeronautical centre for Great Britain. Having designed a number of models, it passed over the manufacturing to a wide range of subcontracting Companies.

Aircraft of the Week

Scale model of the Vickers F.B.5 - a British aircraft used in during the first world war


Vickers F.B.5 The Vickers F.B.5 (Fighting Biplane 5) (known as the "Gunbus") was a British two-seat pusher military biplane of ...
Scale model of the Sopwith Triplane - a British aircraft used in during the first world war

Sopwith Triplane

Sopwith Triplane The Sopwith Triplane was a British single seat fighter aircraft designed and manufactured by the Sopwith Aviation Company ...
Scale model of the Martinsyde G100 "Elephant" - a British aircraft used in during the first world war


Martinsyde G.100 "Elephant" The Martinsyde G.100 "Elephant" and the G.102 were British fighter bomber aircraft of the First World War ...
Scale model of the Bristol Scout a British aircraft used in during the first world war

Bristol Scout

Bristol Scout The Bristol Scout was a single-seat rotary-engined biplane originally designed as a racing aircraft. Like similar fast, light ...

Airco DH.4

Airco DH.4 The Airco DH.4 was a British two-seat biplane day bomber of the First World War. It was designed ...
Airco DH.2 British aircraft used in during the first world war


Airco DH.2 The Airco DH.2 was a single-seat biplane "pusher" aircraft which operated as a fighter during the First World ...
Avro 504 British aircraft used in during the first world war

Avro 504

Avro 504 The Avro 504 was a First World War biplane aircraft made by the Avro aircraft company and under ...

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