True Tales from The Navy: 1941

The price of Admiralty

By Commander A.B. Campbell, R.D., of the BBC “Brains Trust”

Minesweeper making port – at dark – and they’ve had no sleep to speak of for four days.  A plane looms up – drops to 90ft, and lets go two bombs.  One hits the funnel.  The other explodes in the coal in the after hold,  Which seems lucky at the time, for the coal absorbs the worst of the blow – and Grimsby trawlers are made to take hard knocks.

But the third bomb blows her stern right off and she sinks. Yet even as they re in the open boat, the plane returns and machine-guns them.

What words the Skipper used to curse that plane are no concern of yours – or mine.  but what is your business and mine – most definitely our business – is to do everything we can to lighten the load of the Navy these days.  We do it by spending less and saving more.

The hardship and bitter sacrifice of men like those is part of the price we pay in winning the Battle of the Atlantic.  Your sacrifice in return is so little – simply put your money safely away where it can earn good interest till better days come round.  And there’s no hardship in that.

But don’t think of it as a sacrifice.  Think of it as a glorious thank-offering to all that fine band of brethren who stand guard over the Narrow Seas and contrive to bring us our daily bread.  In very truth: The Signal it SAVE!



Tales from the Navy - The price of Admiralty

Bromley & District Times, 14th November 1941 (page 1)

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