Who Said War Prices?

Taken from the Bromley & District Times on 5th January 1917  [page 2], this advert is promoting World’s Stores on East Street, Bromley and High Street, Orpington, who say they “Have enough for everybody”.


It certainly would not be pre-packed. A customer would ask for what they wanted to buy. The butcher would get some, weigh it and wrap it up in paper (no plastic bags in those days) and work out the cost – usually in his head. The mental maths of shop-keepers, particularly greengrocers, was phenomenal.


Just so that you know 1/- per pound:
1/- = 1 shilling (composed of 12d old pennies).
Since decimalisation 1 shilling = 5 new pence.

There are 2.2 lb (pounds) in 1kg – so about 10p a kg.


“England is still the cheapest country to live in” – I wonder if this is still the case?



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