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Torox Cubes was a lesser known beef bouillon brand made in England by Hugson & Co. Ltd. Manchester (“Manufacturers of “Atora’ Beef Suet).

The story of Hugson & Co began in 1893 when Gabriel Hugon, a French engraver living in Manchester, noticed that his wife was having difficulty cutting-up blocks of suet in the kitchen. He saw an opportunity, and setup the first ever factory to manufacture shredded suet, in Manchester, UK. 

Although ‘Atora’ was no doubt its most popular and well-known product (still available today), they no doubt attempted to rival the likes of OXO, which was extremely popular during the First World War and beyond.

The name “Atora” was derived from “toro”, the Spanish word for bull, inspired by the fact that suet comes from beef cattle.  So perhaps TOROX was derived from a mix of toro and oxo?

Hugson’s branded their Torox Cubes as the “World’s Best Beverage,” but obviously could not overtake the ever popular OXO in this field.

Have you ever heard of them?  Perhaps OXO had a better marketing strategy.

Advert for Hugon;s Torox beef extract cubes

Hugson’s TOROX Cube

Put some BEEF behind it!

Wartime Work Takes It Out of a Man…
Plan Something Appetising and Nutritious with
full of Prime BEEFINESS

Drop a cube or two of Torox into stews – soups – gravies – hot-pots, etc.

Beefiest of all cubes

Made by Hugson’s Manchester


Tin box of Hugon's Toroc beef extract cubes

Bromley & District Times, 14th May 1943 (pg 3)
Short History of company – Atora Suet
History of Hugson & Co – 20th Century Crush

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