You Can’t be too Careful: Propaganda Campaign, 1943

“Over 1,000 fires a day are helping Hitler.. so stub it out!”

One of the propaganda campaigns which ran nationally during World War 2, was to warn people of the dangers of cigarettes and matches, causing fires and lighting the way for the enemy to find towns and cities. 

The main campaign, which appeared in posters across London, showed a glowing cigarette end, with a burning factory in the background.  The posters were designed by Austin Cooper (1890–1964,) a Canadian–British illustrator and commercial artist.

This advert, showing a similar image and warning, appeared in the Bromley & District Times in June 1943.

Only a Spark…

Most accidental fires are caused by cigarettes or matches.

Over 1,000 Fires a day are helping Hitler

Over 1,000 fires, caused chiefly by cigarettes and matches, break out  every day.  They burn up food, vital war materials, and factory plant.  More time, more labour, more ships have to be used to make the losses good.  You can help to put a stop to this needless drag on the war effort.  Stub out that cigarette.  Take care how you knock our your pipe.  Never throw away a match unless you’re certain it’s right out.

You can’t be too careful!

Propaganda article regarding fires during world war two

Bromley & District Times, 11th June 1943, page 3

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