Poisoned Sores

Another advert for Zam-Buk as featured in the local Bromley & District Times in 1917.   Remember this was a time before Penicillin was discovered (in 1928).


Started with Blackheads
Terrible Disfigurement Rapidly Cured by Zam-Buk
In an interview with a London Pressman, Mrs F.E. Sharp, whose residence is St Arthingworth Street, West Ham Lane, Stanford, E., said:-

“some months ago a little blackhead appeared at the side of my nose. I pinched it out with a watch key, which evidently was rusty.
The result of this was that my face, head, and neck became terribly disfigured with running sores.
I went to a medical man, but did not benefit from the treatment, and then I went to Hospital, where I was supplied with a lotion and some ointment for blood-poisoning. This treatment made the sores discharge even more that ever, and it was only when I began to despair of ever getting well that I had recourse to Zam-Buke, which had previously healed my sore ankle.

I applied Sam-Buk on lint and the sense of ease I experienced was immense. The bad matter was cleared out; and the healing was most rapid. Improvement began with the first dressing of Zam-Buk, and soon every sore had disappeared, healthy new skin coming in their places.

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