Plane Models from Junk

Plane Models from Junk

Modelling is not just for boys, my husband has given himself the task of making a model of every plane that flew during World War 1. Not a huge task you might say. You would be wrong.

Internationally he has found about 500 different planes and has made about 350. The trouble is when he hunts for the plans he finds more planes!

You can view his model aircraft project here >

Bromley School Boys’ Clever Work

Two boys of the Bromley County School, in their spare time, have made most excellent scale models of 25 different types of aircraft which were on show at the premises of Mr P.W. Beauchamp, 34 Mosslea Road, Bromley, recently for the Red Cross funds.

The boys are Allan Charles Plune of 55 Walpole Road, Bromley, and J.B. Beauchamp of 16 Chantry Lane, Bromley.  Both are only 13 years old.

The models are made of scraps of wood and metal to the scale of 1/72 of an inch.  They are perfect in every detail, even to minature guns, aerials and minute wheel fixtures and they are well painted in their correct colours. 

It would be difficult to find similar types of models so well executed.  The planes shown ranged from four engined bombers to samll training planes and they were well displayed against a background of airfield scenery painted by Allan.

The second boy painted a convoy scene against which they had displayed a very interesting collection of war relics.  These included a German steel helmet, a Verey light pistol, parts of bombs and mines, a French bayonet and many other interesting pieces.

Article - Plane Models from Junk_April 1942

Bromley & District Times, 17th April 1942 (page 1)

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