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Another example of the type of advert used by Phosferine to advert their product, whereby they use the recommendation of a ‘real’ soldier to sell the product.  This advert appeared in the Bromley & District Times on the 9th August, 1918 (page 8)


Private A.M. McDonnell, M.M.

(late) Royal Army Medical Corps, British Expeditionary Force

“I went through the Battle of Loos and was slightly gassed and later (as stretcher bearer) was at the Battle of Martinpuich, and was awarded the Military Medal for bringing in many of our wounded, as well as enemy wounded,  It was after working as stretcher bearer at the Battle of Arras that my nerves began to get bad. I tried a course of Phosferine and went into the Battle of Ypres being pretty well again.  I was severely wounded and again gassed, and awarded ___ medal. I am still taking Phosferine and testify to its high qualities ____ and specially recommend Phosferine in tablet form for the soldiers on Active Service.”

The gallant Private says that Phosferine ensured the extra force to __ the shock to brain and body from wounds and exhaustion and Phosferine gave the nerve organisms just the natural relief and rest which enables them to again withstand the superhuman strain of Active Service.

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