Phosferine #2

Another advert for Phosferine in the Bromley & District Times from 1917, and again another genuine soldier is using it, it seems.

I was at Givenchy, Festubert, Neuve Chapelle, Arras and Loos before I got the would which necessitated the amputation of my left arm.  The Hospital I was in was bombed every second day for two whole months.  A comrade advised me to take Phosferine, but I did not feel anything would put me fight, for I was suffering from rheumatism through sleeping on damp and wet ground.  I gave Phosferine a trial and it proved a very effective remedy for rheumatism, and also put my nerves in a far better state than before I entered Hospital.  After that I was put on a Hospital ship which went down the same day it sailed.  

I am positively certain that but for Phosferine I should not be able to boast of the good health I am now enjoying.

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