Phosferine #1

Every few weeks an advert for Phosferine would appear, featuring a soldier and saying how it had helped him. I checked one or two of the men feature and they seem to be real names – maybe real people.


I and my mates derived great benefit from the Phosferine Tablets my wife sent out to me. I have taken part in many big actions, including the Somme and Ypres engagements, and I am now engaged on observation and signalling work, etc., for the battery, which demands a pretty cool head at times. I feared a ‘crack-up’ but Phosferine has kept me from colds, toothache, rheumatism and such bodily as well as mental ills, and although since taking it I have had even more to do, I am in altogether better ‘fettle’ and able to ‘carry on.’

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