Orpington’s War Weapons Week – 1941

March 22-29
£100,000 is the Aim

Attractive Programme being arranged

The majority of the committees which will be responsible for organising the Orpington District War Weapons Week have now been formed and are busily engaged in their preparations.

The aim is to raise £100,000, and every village and organisation in the urban district will be invited to help in the effort.

In Central Orpington there will be large indicators which will record the investments each day.  Smaller indicators  will be erected in the villages.  All will be adorned by a replica of the “Buff Orpington” – a popular breed known all over the world and first raised in the district.  Each evening there will be the ceremony of changing the totals on the indicators, the principal one being at the Orpington War Memorial, where Mr. H. J. Lester, J.P., the Chairman of the Urban District Council, will officiate.

Another attraction which is bound to create interest and some detective work – will be the identification of Sir Tiffy Cate, a gentleman who will roam about the district with useful gifts in his pockets.  Anyone who can “Spot” him will be rewarded.  HE will begin his tour on March 22.

Rotarians will arrange the first social event at Orpington on Tuesday by giving a luncheon.  Professor J. Sykes, D.Sc. will be the speaker.  Early application for tickets (2s. 6d.) should be made to Mr A.F. Mullock hon. secretary, 135 High street, Orpington.

During War Weapons Week there will be dances, concerts, cookery demonstrations each day at the West Kent Electric Company’s premises and the South Suburban Gas Company’s lecture hall in Orpington High Street.  The Ministry of Food will help i the demonstrations, and all ladies will be welcomed.

One day will be given to Civil Defence, and preliminary arrangements for this are well in hand at the A.R.P. Centres.

Tank to Visit Schools

A tank will visit each school during the week, and scholars will have an opportunity of seeing how it is worked.  School children will be asked to write an essay on “How I Shall Save for Victory” (350 words), and the prize-winners will be asked to appear at cinemas t receive their awards.  A poster competition will also be organised for the schools.  Details will be issued in a week or ten days.

Steps are being taken to open War Weapons Week with a big parade of the Home Guard, Air Training Corps and various organisations.  The Orpington War Memorial will be the saluting base where a band will play.  Various other events are being arranged, also competitions.  Depots for the sale of Savings Certificates and stamps will be opened at convenient  places.

Bromley & Kentish Times, February/March 1941

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