‘It is nice, Mother!’

That is what the children say when their Cuts, Scrapes and Bruises are dressed with Zam-Buk. They have that soon-get-better feeling at once, because Zam-Buk banishes pain and stops the broken flesh from getting inflames.

Mother, too, knows she is doing the right thing in using Zam Buk. Zam-Buk is so pure and refined and so completely medicinal that it cannot fail to be beneficial. A mother’s worry is ended when she rubs Zam-Buk over her child’s grazed knee because Zam-Buk make sure that the would will not take bad ways but heal up quickly and cleanly.

Zam-Buk’s antiseptic power, rapid healing quality and ever-ready character make the unique herbal balm a real household balance. No home can afford to be without a box.

It is one and threepence wisely spent.


Remember this is a time before penicillin !

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