He died a soldier’s death

3rd March 1916 (page 5)

CAPTAIN W URQUHART ROSS – an officer respected by all his men

As will be seen in the following extract from John Gutteridge, He had great respect for this commander of the regiment and spoke very highly of him:

Captain W Urquhart Ross.png

Another tribute to the deceased officer came to our hand only yesterday, from Corporal Gutteridge, of B Company, 8th Royal West Kents.

In a letter which he says

#“We are having a busy time, but the Germans have had a busy time as well dodging our shells.”

He goes on to say:

“Captain Ross, who was wounded on the 19th ult., was an officer respected by all his men, and was one of the most popular in the regiment.

Nothing pleased him more than when he was working for the interests of his men.

He died a soldier’s death.”

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