Battle of the Atlantic

An example of how newspapers advertised the dramatics of the war to help sell newspapers.

This advert for the News Chronicle newspaper appeared in the Bromley & District Times newspaper in March 1941.

Battle of the Atlantic


German U-Boats and Bombers
British Fleet, Convoy System, The Coastal Command and the R.A.F.

Hitler threatens that the great Battle of the Atlantic is about to start.

What shall we do to combat the menace to the vital routes between this country and the continent of America?

How will the enemy attack out shipping and out ports?  Will the convoy system of the last war prove effective against the submarine and the long range bomber?

Shall we devise a new counter to modern warfare?

The News Chronicle Naval and Air Correspondence have weighed all the factors of what may prove to be the decisive struggle of the war and their idea of how it will be fought out will be given exclusively in a dramatic series of articles specially written for the  NEWS CHRONICLE

Bromley & District Times, 7th March 1941, page 3

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