Air Fight over the Channel – July 1940


Air Fight over Channel - 19th July 1940War news which featured in the Bromley & District Times newspaper on 19th July 1940 (page 5)

Five Bombers and One Fighter Shot Down

Enemy aircraft which were attacking shipping in the Straits of Dover early on Monday evening were interrupted and five, one fighter and four bombers were shot down into the sea by our fighters.  In addition an enemy bomber was shot down by anti aircraft fire.One of our fighters was lost.

The Air Military also announced in a later communique that three British fighters in all were lost in repelling the enemy attacks on our shipping and coasts on Saturday, when twelve enemy aircraft were destroyed and others damaged.

A convoy was the object of Mondays attack.  At least 20 bombers dropped many bombs as they nose-dived in formation from behind the clouds.  Anti-aircraft fire broke up the formation, and Spitfires and Hurricanes dashed out to sea in pursuit of the bombers.

Other British fighters and their enemy fighters, which had been flying at a considerable height in order to intercept any possible attacks on the bombers, had a battle on their own over the land.

Serveral of the bombers were seen to lose height quickly as if badly damaged.  One cloud of smoke came down from some  distance up in the air and fell into the sea as if one machine had been brought down  As the German machines which had been over the British coast made out to sea, anti-aircraft guns opened fire at them and they were followed by British fighters

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