Società Aeronautica Meccanica Lombarda (S.A.M.L.) S.2

The S.A.M.L. (Società Aeronautica Meccanica Lombarda) was the main Italian constructor of the German Aviatik B.1 and B.2 designs up to 1916. In 1916-1917 the company developed this model into a native design called the S.1, which was powered by a 260 hp Fiat A-12 engine and equipped with a rotatable 6.5mm Revelli machine-gun on a tripod mounting in the rear cockpit. A further development of the S.1 including a modified and enlarged rudder, a second machine-gun and a more powerful engine resulted in the S.2 model which saw front-line service with 16 reconnaissance squadrons in Italy, Albania and Macedonia. Total production for the S.1 and S.2 combined amounted to 657 aircraft. Some S.2’s were equipped as bomber some others with cameras, while a number were given double controls and were used as trainers.

The SAML S.2 was an improved version of the Aviatik B.I which was built under license by the Societá Anonima Meccanica Lombarda (known as the SAML S.1.) The S.2 was specifically designed to fly in the mountainous terrain of the Italian Front. Improvements mostly involved the wings, which had a slight sweep and were closer together than the Aviatik design. The biggest improvement was the more powerful Fiat A.12 engine capable of delivering 300hp.

The SAML S.2 was used primarily for reconnaissance and was armed with a fixed Fiat-Revelli machine gun over the wing with a ring mounted machine gun operated by the observer.

S.A.M.L. S.2
Date of entry into service: 1916
Main user: Italy Air Force Corps
Built: 215
Length: 8.50 m
Wingspan: 12.10 m
Engine: Fiat A.12bis 300 hp
Max speed: 162 km / h

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