Lohner E

The Lohner E was a reconnaissance flying boat built in Austria-Hungary during World War I. The “E” stood for Igo Etrich, one of the Lohner engineers. It was a conventional design for its day with biplane wings that featured slight sweepback, and an engine mounted pusher-fashion in the interplane gap. Its crew of two was seated in an open cockpit.

Around 40 examples were built before production shifted to the more powerful L

scale model of the Lohner E Austria-Hungarian flyingboat aircraft used in during the first world war
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Lohner E
First flight: 10 November 1913
Number built: approximately 40
Crew: Two, pilot and observer
Length: 10.25 m
Wingspan: 16.20 m
Powerplant: 1 × Hiero 85hp, 85 hp
Maximum speed: 105 km/h

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