Leading-Stoker Ernest Bourne

Ernest Bourne of Canon Road, Bromley (Kent) spent 8 and a half years with navy on HMS Hecla, and a further 2 years on foreign service including China & Japan.  On leaving the service he became a fireman of the London Fire Brigade

Bourne served at Cannon Street, Sydenham & Clapham, before moving to Poplar workhouse where he worked for about 3 years before being called up for World War 1.

During WW1 he served with the Royal Naval Reserve onboard HMS Aboukir.

Sadly Bourne did not survive the war.  He was lost at sea on 22nd September 1914 when HMS Aboukir sank after being hit by a torpedo from a German submarine in the North Sea.

He was aged 33.

portrait of Stoker Ernest Bourne

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Bromley & District Times, 22nd January 1914 (page 3)
Entry – CWGC.org


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