Handy Tips from the Ministry of Food, 1940

This regular feature from the Ministry of Food appeared in the Bromley & District Times on20th September 1940 (page 6).  This follows on from the advice given in the August 1940 food facts.

This Week’s Food Facts

Most of us are going through a rather tough time.  Now, more than ever, proper food is vital to our health.  Don’t think that odd snacks during the day will sustain you.  One full meal will do you twice as much good.  Eat fresh food. See that your emergency store is always in order.  Eat wisely to keep fighting fit.

On the Kitchen Front

PROTECTION FROM BOMB DUST – Never leave food uncovered  The thick dust which settles after the blast due to bomb explosion frequently renders food unfit to be eaten.  This dust even penetrates cartons and wrappings.  Cover any food which is not in boxes or tin with a thick cloth or dust sheet.  This will also keep out fine splinters or glass.

EMERGENCY BREAD – If you want to make your own bread from your store of flour and can not buy yeast, try making baking powder rolls. Sieve 1lb of flour, a little salt and a large teaspoon of baking powder together.  Add enough milk or water to mix to a soft dough.  Handling very quickly, form the dough into rolls and place them on a floured baking tray.  Bake in a hot oven for 15 or 20 minutes.

FOOD FOR YOUR AIR-RAID SHELTER – If possible hot drinks should be taken into the shelter.  If you have a vacuum flask, fill it with hot soup, tea or coffee.  Plain biscuits with a handful of sultanas or a piece of chocolate are most sustaining.  So are sandwiches made with cheese, sardines or canned salmon. Children need plenty of water to drink.  Barley sugar is excellent for them.

NATIONAL MILK SCHEME – Apply now to the Milk Officer at your local Food Office if you wish to take advantage over the next three months of the Government Cheap Milk Scheme for expectant and nursing mothers, and children under five.

Bromley & District Times, 20th September 1940 (page 6)

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