Children’s Party at Cudham Hall

Plays and Dances

The children’s Christmas party at the Royal Naval and Marine Orphanage, Cudham Hall, on Saturday, January 4, was a great success. The children looked very pretty in their party dresses and fancy costumes.

The varied and entertaining programme was a great credit to the matron, Miss Edith Lingard. Nurse King and Nurse Maidment rendered the matron able assistance with the children during the evening. Among the many visitors were Commander P. Sydney Smith, R.N., and secretary, the Rev. W. Horace Boxall, R.N.

Chief Petty Officer H. Marshall acted the part of Father Christmas and presented each child with a gift off the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The senior children performed a Nativity play, and the junior children performed nursery rhymes in costume under the direction of Miss Smith.

Childrens Christmas Party Cudham

A delightful feature of the evening was hornpipe dance in full sailor’s costume given by Graham Lifton, age four, the baby of the party. This was followed by a fairy dance by Kathleen Brown and a graceful Grecian dance by Margaret McEwan, Enid Jevon and Jean Maurice a Dutch dance. The party much enjoyed a Highland fling by Rosalie Burgess and an Irish jig by Dorothy Smith and Pamela Jevon.

The dances were closed by a dainty minuet given by M. Birke, B. Neaves, I. Maurice and D. Stoneman

Bromley & District Times, 

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