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The Military Ancestors was created by Pam Preedy, and lists over 50,000 references to soldiers between 1914-1945. Although most are from the Bromley (Kent) area, some are from further afield.

Information sources include the Bromley District and Kentish Times, amongst others.

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About the Project

Military Ancestors is a project created by Pam Preedy, which lists over 50,000 references to soldiers between 1914-1945, initially from the Bromley and District Times, in Kent.

The data Pam has extracted from the newspapers include men who enlisted from 1914, the names and addresses of some 1,500 men of the Bromley area who had signed up for the Derby Scheme, (a precursor to conscription and a failed attempt to prevent it), in 1915; and continues until mid 1945.

Details come from of letters sent from the Western Front, India, S. Africa, Gallipoli, and Mesopotamia; Obituaries; Awarded medals; Marriages; Inquests and court cases involving soldiers.

The men came, not only from the Bromley area, but from further afield within the UK, as well as from Canada and Australia.

Although the site is primarily about the soldiers, there are also some reports of Special Constables, VAD Commandants and nurses of the local VAD Hospitals.

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