Recipes & Home Advice

A range of adverts and articles which appeared in local newspapers offering advice in the home and recipes to readers during the first World war years and beyond.


Italian Recipes for Meatless Days – Risotto in Bianco

Another recipe that appeared in the Bromley & District Times in January 1917, was this simple Risotto in Bianco, which ...
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Gnocchi alla Romana

Italian Recipes for Meatless Days – Gnocchi alla Romana

By 1917, certain foods were in short supply, especially meat, wheat for bread, butter and sugar.  Here is a recipe ...
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Local schools finally acquire land for gardening purposes

Gardening at Bickley Schools Bickley and Widmore schools reported that at last it was possible to acquire a piece of ...
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Strong Protest by Butchers as to the Fair Distribution of Meat

The Meat Supply: Strong Protest by Butchers Supported by Committee The question of the quality of the meat now being ...
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No ration card required

In 1918, the British government set out new laws introducing the rationing of certain food; Sugar, meat, flour, butter, margarine and ...
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Why do the British love to Queue?

I really like this advertisement to encourage people to queue in an orderly fashion for the trains and buses. It ...
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