Below are some examples of the fashions and advertisements which appeared in the Bromley & District Times newspaper between 1914-1920.

advert for Rego

Trailblazing iconic fashion of the 1940s

Although we look back at the 1940's and think of it as a decade of mostly war and hardship, it ...
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3 looks for the Bromley Fashionistas – c.1918-style

For the lady of fashion in June - So elegant! The latest fashions brought to you from Sainsbury's in June 1918 ...
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New Suit or a Chocolate Egg for Easter?

How times have changed. I doubt very much that you would see an advert like this in the local newspaper ...
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Top Easter Fashions in 1918 from Sainsbury’s

So if you walking around the shops in 1918, these would have been the fashion statements that were on offer ...
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Wearing Furs

Fur Coats, Fur Trimmed Coats, Cloth Coats, Furs and Millnery. In October 1917, the shops were advertising winter wear. Fur, ...
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