A variety of adverts published in local newspapers during World War 1

How OXO helped Strengthen the Home Front

In 1840 a German chemist, by the name of Baron Justus von Liebig (1803-1873), invented meat extract through his Extract of ...
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Phosferine Advert

Another example of the type of advert used by Phosferine to advert their product, whereby they use the recommendation of ...
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Do you like the boots? Bon Marché fashion

This advert for the Bon Marché store in Brixton appeared in the Bromley & District Times in early January 1917.  ...
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Are you a lover of Sardines?

My husband love sardines, so this advert would have appealed to him ...
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Cyder - the Ideal Summer beverage

Is this the Ideal Summer Beverage?

Would an advert like this, as featured in the Bromley & District Times in July 1918, made you go out ...
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Zam-buk advert - Allotments

Don’t run any risk with Allotment cuts & brusies – Use Zam-Buk

The popularity of allotments at this time meant many could be liable to small scratches and cuts, which could quickly ...
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