People of Bromley (WW2)

Portrait of Richard Been Stannard

Lieutenant Richard Been Stannard

Lieutenant Richard Been Stannard was born at Blyth, Northumberland. His father, Captain George Stannard, was lost with the Mount Oswald, ...
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black and white portrait of John Bond Bassett of Bromley

2nd Lieutenant John B. Bassett

72521 2nd-Lieutenant John Bond Bassett , aged 28, was a printer by trade, the third son of Mr & Mrs ...
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Gunner Harry Garcia

Old Bromley Scouter Broadcasts An exciting story Harry Garcia, a gunner of a Coastal Command Lockheed Hudson, whose home is ...
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Rev CAS Page

Rector of West Wickham Leaving: 1942

Rev. Charles A. S. Page was the Rector of West Wickham for nearly 12 years, before he moved onto Hawkinge ...
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Portrait of the Foxwell Brothers of Keston, published in the Bromley Times on 2nd Jan 1942

The Foxwell Brothers

In this article we focus on the Foxwell family, who resided in the Keston area of Bromley during the second ...
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Flying Officer H S Mellows published in the bromley & District newspapers on 28th November 1941

F/O Harold Sydney Mellows

Flying Officer H.S. Mellows West Wickham Rotarians stood in silence at their meeting on Monday in tribute to the memory ...
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Wedding Photo of William Stanley Page and Margaret Holder, published int eh Bromlet Times newspaper in November 1941

William Page & Margaret Holder: Wedding

Weddings Mr W.S. Page and Miss M.E. Holder The wedding of Mr William Stanley Page, second son of Mr and ...
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Flying Officer Albert C Batt

Flying Officer Albert Cyril Batt

Gallant Conduct Flying Officer A.C. Batt, R.AF.V.R., Commended The gallant conduct of Flying Officer Albert Cyril Batt, R.A.F.A.R., on the ...
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Portraits of

Amazing Ordeal of Two Local Airmen

Blazing Bomber 12,000 Feet up Fought fire over Germany for three hours THEN 57 HOURS ON SEA WASHED ASHORE IN ...
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Group photo of members from the Royal West Kent Regiment who were prisoners of war in 1941 including Lance Corporal Eric Arthur Eagles

Is Your Boy here? Prisoners of War, 1941

This group photo of soldiers being held in a prisoner of war camp in Germany in 1941, was published in ...
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Members from the Royal West Kent Regiment who were prisoners of war in Germany in 1941

Royal West Kent Regiment: Prisoners of War

In a German Prison Camp A group of officers of the Royal West Kent Regiment at Camp Oflag VII., C, ...
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Wedding photo of Robert Leo Rockall and Elsie Williams, published in the Bromley & District Times in October 1941

Rifleman Robert Leo Rockall: Wedding

Mr R.L. Rockall and Miss Elsie L. Williams The wedding took place on Saturday at St Mary's Church, Plaistow, of ...
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