Adverts during WW2

These adverts appeared in the local newspaper during the World War 2 years.


War poster showing female recruit for the ATS in World War two

Recruits for the ATS needed URGENTLY

This notice was published in the local Bromley & District Times newspaper in October 1941, by the Ministry of Labour ...
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Cinema listing of Billy the Kid film which appeared in Bromley's Odeon in October 1941

Cinema Listings for Bromley in 1941

This advert for the cinemas of Bromley lists the top films being shown for the 6 days following Monday 27th ...
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Quaker Relief in Britain

Quaker Relief in Britain

This advert featured in the Bromley & District Times newspaper in September 1941 Quaker Relief in Britain organised by THE ...
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Advert for Photographers advertised in the Bromley Times on 26th Sept 1941

Advertisement for Regent Portraits (Photographers)

"When Jack came home on leave..." ...he realised how much happier his friends and family would be while he was ...
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Travel Advice: Don’t Travel at Whitsun, 1943

Advice from the Railway Executive Committee advising customers not to  travel on Whitsun 1943 (which fell on Sunday 13th June), ...
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Local newspaper advert for children's clothing

Dainty Wear for Tiny Tots

Loving the names of the children's clothing from this advert in the Bromley & District Times from May 1940. The ...
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