Sec. Lieutenant John B. Bassett

Reported in the Bromley & District Times newspaper on 6th September 1940

Prisoner Of War - Bassett

Prisoner of War: Second-Lieutenant John B. Bassett

Mr and Mrs W.R. Bassett, 144 Murray Avenue, Bromley, have received a short message from their third son, Second Lieutenant John B. Bassett, R.A., in which he states that he is a prisoner of war in Germany.

On June 17th his parents received a communication from the War Office which said that on May 28th Second-Lieutenant Bassett had been admitted to a casualty clearing station with a gunshot wound in his left leg, and that as no further news had been received of him, it was feared that he had been taken prisoner as the enemy advanced.  In his note, Second-Lieutenant Bassett says that his wound is progressing well.

Second-Lieutenant Bassett, with the exception of one spell of leave, had been with his unit in France since the outbreak of war.  His regiment was the one referred to in a recent article in the Kentish Times, in which it was described how an artillery regiment fought a successful action against infinitely greater German odds, an action which was vital to the success of the withdrawal to Dunkirk.

Aged 28, Second-Lieutenant Bassett is an Old Boy of Bromley County School, and continued his education at King’s, Canterbury, where he became a member of Bromley Town Tennis Club, but later took up golf and joined the Farringham Club.

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