Pam is in the final process of publishing her first book “The Home Front in the Great War: How the people of Bromley faced the challenges of war” [working title]

The book will contain 15 chapters and tells the story of the Home Front from the month before the outbreak of war, shows how men were mobilised, volunteered, conscripted and left ‘to follow the Colours’ until they returned after the armistice.

The book looks at how the people dealt with the problems of war; getting back from the continent after the declaration of war, dealing with the problems connected with DORA (Defence of the Realm Act) and the threat and reality of the Zeppelin raids. We find the generosity of the people in supporting their ‘boys’, caring for the Belgian Refugees and the wounded – the VAD hospitals.

It also looks at how the war changed Bromley and the way that the women rose to the challenge, both in terms of filling the gaps in the workforce left by the men and struggling to put food on the table as rising prices and shortages finally led to rationing. The work is based in real information from the local newspaper, together with research to put them into context and understand the stories better.


Working Title

At the moment the title is: The Home Front in the Great War: How the people of Bromley faced the challenges of war, but this is rather wordy, so I think the publisher will come up with a more snappy version.


Publishing Contract signed

I’m very excited to announce that a publishing contract has been signed and my book should be out in 2018. I have my first meeting with them on 5th July.

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